Fire Explosion & Inspections

Determining the origin and cause of fire and explosion incidents is one of the primary services offered by Churchwell Fire Consultants, Inc.  Our expert investigators combine principles of the scientific method with astute critical thinking skills and the countless hours of hands-on situational training in determining the cause and origin of any given fire. 

Churchwell Fire Consultants in-depth investigations are approached systematically to analyze and identify with professional certainty the specific origin and cause of each fire.  A comprehensive analysis of physical evidence, fire department information, witness statements and all other available information is utilized in our investigative approach.  Full examination capabilities along with electrical and mechanical engineering support are available to help effectively offer our clients a complete service.

Our highly skilled team is available to meet any of your fire and explosion investigation needs including, but not limited to, cases involving:


  • Residential Structures
  • Commercial Structures
  • Vehicle/Watercraft Analysis
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Chimney Fires